Tournament Schedule

This is a list of all events for the 2020 Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup Tournament.

  • 2:00PM: Opening ceremony; Ceremonial Puck Drop with members of the Ponder family dropping the puck.
  • 2:10PM: National Anthem
  • 2:20PM: Team A vs. Team B
  • 2:55PM: Team C vs. Team D
  • 3:30PM: Team B vs. Team E
  • 4:05PM: Team D vs. Team A
  • 4:35PM: Raffle #1 winners announced
  • 4:45PM: Team C vs. Team E
  • 5:20PM: Team D vs. Team B
  • 5:55PM: Team A vs. Team C
  • 6:35PM: Team E vs. Team D
  • 7:00PM: Raffle #2 winners announced
  • 7:10PM: Team B vs. Team C
  • 7:45PM: Team E vs. Team A
    Once the seeds are determined, the top 4 teams will match up in the playoffs as follows:
  • 8:15PM: Playoff Game A: 1st Place vs 4th Place
  • 8:50PM: Playoff Game B: 2nd Place vs 3rd Place
  • 9:25PM: Championship Game: Playoff Game A Winner vs Playoff Game B Winner
  • 10:00PM: Scheduled End of Championship Game
  • 10:05PM: Raffle #3 winners announced
  • 1:00AM: Bar Closes

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