SPMCT Rulebook


  • There will be 2 officials in every game.


  • There will be a person there in charge of playing music between games and between the whistles in each game. You can request a song/artist be played in the Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup Tournament Facebook group a few weeks before once the thread for music has started.


  • There will be a scorekeeper present all evening. He/she will be keeping track of goals, assists, points, goals allowed, etc.
  • It is the responsibility of any player who scores a goal to skate to the scorer’s table and inform the scorekeeper of their own name and the name of the player, if any, who gave them the puck.
  • No more than one assist will be awarded on any goal.


  • There will be 5 teams comprised of 8 skaters and 1 goaltender.

Game Schedule

  • Each team will be guaranteed a total of 4 games.
  • Each team will play each of the other teams once for a total of 5 games in a round robin format to determine the seeds for the playoffs.
  • The team which finishes in 5th place after the round robin portion of the tournament will be immediately eliminated.
  • Please go here to see the tournament schedule.

Midwest Sport Hockey Rules

  • These rules are not negotiable. Failure to comply can result in your ejection from the tournament without refund and could keep us from having any tournament again in the future.
  • If you show (as a player or spectator) that you cannot handle your alcohol, you will be ejected from the tournament and building and you will not receive any type of refund on any money you have spent. Do not get so inebriated that you become a danger to yourself or anyone else on the rink or in the building. Also, you must conduct yourself in a respectful manner, on or off the rink. This will be strictly enforced.

Game Rules

  • Each game will consist of two 15 minute (running clock) periods.
  • The clock will only stop during the last minute of games which are either tied or within 1 goal.
  • The referees will be given latitude to determine if the clock should stop for any other reason (puck out of play, injuries, etc.).

Time outs

  • Time outs are not allowed in round robin games.
  • One 60 second time out is allowed per team per playoff game.

Puck out of play

  • The whistle will be blown and play will be stopped if the puck touches the high netting above the glass at either end of the rink.
  • For the sake of clarity, the whistle will be blown and play will be stopped if the puck touches anything above the boards or glass.


  • Regular house league penalties will be called during the tournament.
  • Players will serve the appropriate amount of time in the penalty box as determined by the officials.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated. The referees will have the power to eject any player from a game for any reason (not just fighting). If this happens, you are done for the night and you will not receive any type of refund.

Tied Games

  • Round robin games ending in a tie will remain a tie.
  • Playoff games ending in a tie will immediately go to a 3 man NHL style shootout to determine a winner.
  • All players except for the current shooter and the goaltenders must remain completely inside their bench during the shootout.
  • Each shooter should immediately go to the scorer’s table after their shootout attempt and tell the scorekeeper their name.

Prizes and Awards

  • During the next day or two after the tournament, all players should text or e-mail Jason Miller (jasonmillersrh@charter.net) their choices for tournament MVP and Most Outstanding Goaltender.
  • All players will be informed of the results of the voting as soon as possible.

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Tournament Schedule

This is a list of all events for the 2020 Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup Tournament.

  • 2:00PM: Opening ceremony; Ceremonial Puck Drop with members of the Ponder family dropping the puck.
  • 2:10PM: National Anthem
  • 2:20PM: Team A vs. Team B
  • 2:55PM: Team C vs. Team D
  • 3:30PM: Team B vs. Team E
  • 4:05PM: Team D vs. Team A
  • 4:35PM: Raffle #1 winners announced
  • 4:45PM: Team C vs. Team E
  • 5:20PM: Team D vs. Team B
  • 5:55PM: Team A vs. Team C
  • 6:35PM: Team E vs. Team D
  • 7:00PM: Raffle #2 winners announced
  • 7:10PM: Team B vs. Team C
  • 7:45PM: Team E vs. Team A
    Once the seeds are determined, the top 4 teams will match up in the playoffs as follows:
  • 8:15PM: Playoff Game A: 1st Place vs 4th Place
  • 8:50PM: Playoff Game B: 2nd Place vs 3rd Place
  • 9:25PM: Championship Game: Playoff Game A Winner vs Playoff Game B Winner
  • 10:00PM: Scheduled End of Championship Game
  • 10:05PM: Raffle #3 winners announced
  • 1:00AM: Bar Closes

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Schedule Updated 10/23/19 – New Rinks Added!

Maryville University Hockey Center in Chesterfield and the Pacific rinks have been added to the calendar. Also, the following rinks have been updated!

  • Brentwood
  • Creve Coeur
  • East Alton
  • Fenton
  • Kirkwood
  • Lindenwood
  • St. Peter’s
  • Webster Groves

Schedule Updated 5/1/2019

Sorry for dropping the ball on updates for so long, but I’ve got things added for May. I updated the following rinks:

  • Brentwood
  • Creve Coeur
  • East Alton
  • Fenton
  • FSI Shark Tank
  • Kirkwood
  • Lindenwood
  • Metro Rec Plex
  • St. Peter’s
  • Webster Groves