2021 Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup Raffle Prizes


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Pavel Buchnevich Blues home jersey Pat Lafontaine Sabres home jersey
Ryan O'Reilly St. Louis Blues Fanatics Branded 2022 Winter Classic Breakaway Player Jersey - Cream St. Louis Blues Go Full Wonka, Hide Free Playoff Tickets for You to Find | News Blog
Ryan O’Reilly Blues Winter Classic jersey Blues tickets (2 pair): 

  • Friday, Dec. 17 vs. Dallas
  • Friday, Feb. 25 vs. Buffalo
  • Wednesday, April 6 vs. Seattle
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Game-used & signed Marco Scandella hockey stick 2 gallons of Farrell Calhoun Paint Ultra Premium Paint in your choice of Matte Flat or Eggshell.
Flower arrangement Laundry basket with accessories
Ironing goods Pyrex kitchen set
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Hot Wheels 36 car set Laundry basket #2
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Engraved novelty Blues hockey stick and Blues nightlight 11×14 print of a local artist’s rendition of Bob Plager
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Mortal Kombat Mini Arcade
X-Men Handheld Game
Transformers Handheld Game
MTV Party Game
Blockbuster Party Game
Magic 8 Ball
Gremlins Card Game
Mini Mountain Dew 6 Pack
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Mini South Park Tv (Clips From the Show)
2 Beer Tumblers with Bottle Openers
Bluetooth Beanie
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Retro Gamer Basket South Park Basket
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Cold Brew Coffee Machine
2 Color Changing Tumblers
3 Bags of Ground Dunkin’ Coffee

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SPMCT Rulebook


  • There will be 2 officials in every game.


  • There will be a person there in charge of playing music between games and between the whistles in each game. You can request a song/artist be played in the Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup Tournament Facebook group a few weeks before once the thread for music has started.


  • There will be a scorekeeper present all evening. He/she will be keeping track of goals, assists, points, goals allowed, etc.
  • It is the responsibility of any player who scores a goal to skate to the scorer’s table and inform the scorekeeper of their own name and the name of the player, if any, who gave them the puck.
  • No more than one assist will be awarded on any goal.


  • There will be 5 teams comprised of 8 skaters and 1 goaltender.

Game Schedule

  • Each team will be guaranteed a total of 4 games.
  • Each team will play each of the other teams once for a total of 5 games in a round robin format to determine the seeds for the playoffs.
  • The team which finishes in 5th place after the round robin portion of the tournament will be immediately eliminated.
  • Please go here to see the tournament schedule.

Midwest Sport Hockey Rules

  • These rules are not negotiable. Failure to comply can result in your ejection from the tournament without refund and could keep us from having any tournament again in the future.
  • If you show (as a player or spectator) that you cannot handle your alcohol, you will be ejected from the tournament and building and you will not receive any type of refund on any money you have spent. Do not get so inebriated that you become a danger to yourself or anyone else on the rink or in the building. Also, you must conduct yourself in a respectful manner, on or off the rink. This will be strictly enforced.

Game Rules

  • Each game will consist of two 15 minute (running clock) periods.
  • The clock will only stop during the last minute of games which are either tied or within 1 goal.
  • The referees will be given latitude to determine if the clock should stop for any other reason (puck out of play, injuries, etc.).

Time outs

  • Time outs are not allowed in round robin games.
  • One 60 second time out is allowed per team per playoff game.

Puck out of play

  • The whistle will be blown and play will be stopped if the puck touches the high netting above the glass at either end of the rink.
  • For the sake of clarity, the whistle will be blown and play will be stopped if the puck touches anything above the boards or glass.


  • Regular house league penalties will be called during the tournament.
  • Players will serve the appropriate amount of time in the penalty box as determined by the officials.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated. The referees will have the power to eject any player from a game for any reason (not just fighting). If this happens, you are done for the night and you will not receive any type of refund.

Tied Games

  • Round robin games ending in a tie will remain a tie.
  • Playoff games ending in a tie will immediately go to a 3 man NHL style shootout to determine a winner.
  • All players except for the current shooter and the goaltenders must remain completely inside their bench during the shootout.
  • Each shooter should immediately go to the scorer’s table after their shootout attempt and tell the scorekeeper their name.

Prizes and Awards

  • During the next day or two after the tournament, all players should text or e-mail Jason Miller (jasonmillersrh@charter.net) their choices for tournament MVP and Most Outstanding Goaltender.
  • All players will be informed of the results of the voting as soon as possible.

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SPCMT Player List


2020 champs, Team Hotard
  1. Jeff Ponder (C)
  2. Jason Miller
  3.  Joe Wolf (C)
  4. Bryan Lindhorst
  5. Andy Maus
  6. Jay Winton
  7. Jon Brunkhorst
  8. Rob Boedeker
  9. Dustin Paul (C)
  10. Dan Crouse
  11. Curt Price
  12. Jon Henry
  13. Joe Gifford
  14. Irv Ryba
  15. Andy DeClue
  16. Pedro Albea
  17. 2019 champs, Team Wolf

    Scott Blattel

  18. Ian Mueller
  19. Matt Vinyard
  20. Nick Kettler
  21. Joe Link
  22. Scott Gordon
  23. Chris Vineyard
  24. Mike Teasdale
  25. Mike Hampshire
  26. Dillon Holmes
  27. Andy Dean
  28. Johnny Gastreich

    2018 Team Ragsdale
  29. Austin Lynch
  30. Greg Perry
  31. Jake Parks
  32. Travis King
  33. Josh Grant
  34. Cam Elfrink
  35. Greg Hotard (C)
  36. Andrew Steevens
  37. Shane Thorson
  38. Matt Linville
  39. Dennis Averett
  40. Steve Edler
  41. Marc Aguilar

    2016 Champs, Team Paul
  42. Adam Heitman
  43. Kevin Ragsdale (C)
  44. Kyle Gnau
  45. Jon Wittkoetter
  46. Mark Struckhoff
  47. Ryan Fitzgerald
  48. Mason Mocabee


  1. Jeff Borgers

    2015 Champs, Team Ponder
  2. Jon Zahner
  3. Michael Rescot
  4. Jim Russom
  5. Josh Yakel
  6. Frank Hart

Wait List

  1. Andy Neil (G)
  2. Matt O’Connor (G)

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Skill Questionnaire

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address:
Do you understand that you must contribute to cleaning up your team’s changing room and the players benches after the tournament? We need to leave the building as clean as we found it.
Do you understand that you will need to bring a white and a dark jersey to the tournament? Please do not wear gray, yellow, or gold jerseys.
Preferred Position (Remember that this cannot be guaranteed)
Do you shoot lefty or righty? Goalies, which hand do you catch with?
Your Age (Must be at least 18 years old by May 19, 2016)
Years of Playing Experience
If asked, would you be willing to serve as a captain? Your duties would include meeting to draft the teams, texting information to your team, setting lines and strategies for your team, etc.
What levels of hockey/inline hockey have you played?
Please provide any other information about your skill level which may be helpful to team captains during the player draft. Assume they’ve never seen you play.


Create a web form here

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What Happens at the SPMCT?

Since 2015, the Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup Tournament has raised over $11,000 for various charitable causes, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Be The Match Foundation. It’s an all-day inline hockey tournament and participant raffle, with a 50/50 raffle and many hockey-related and non hockey-related items.

The Tournament

  • Consists of 5 teams, 45 players, with a fantasy draft-style selection before the tournament. Sign-ups can be located on this page.
    • $50 per player to participate
  • There are 10 round-robin games and three playoff games. One team will not qualify for the playoffs.
  • The champion team receives the highly coveted Stanley Ponder Memorial Cup.
  • Games are tournament style, 30 minutes each (running time).
  • Two officials and a scorekeeper are present for every game.

The Raffle

  • Local companies can donate to the raffle, with all proceeds going to the aforementioned charities.
  • Tickets are sold at the event for $1 each or 6 tickets for $5.
  • Prizes in the past have included Blues jerseys, Blues and Cardinals tickets, signed hockey sticks, barbecue pits, DJ services, authentic St. Louis artist paintings and various other items.
  • If you would like to donate or help with the raffle, please contact Jeff Ponder at jponder94@gmail.com.

Other Ways to Help

  • Scorekeeper
    • Paid position
    • Must remain in scorekeepers box during games
    • Able to split duties with 1 or 2 others. However, the budget will not change for the position
  • Referees
    • Paid position
    • 2 or 3 referees preferred
      • Budget will be flexible with how many referees participate
    • Referees are encouraged to read the tournament rules before accepting the position
  • Raffle help / general tournament overseers
    • Unpaid position
    • Collect money for raffles, distribute tickets, ensure the tournament scoreboard is updated with final game scores, announce raffle winners, assist with bartender (if needed).
    • Unlimited number of participants

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Jeff Ponder at jponder94@gmail.com.

Secure a spot in the tournament! Pay your tournament fee by clicking the “Donate” button and filling out a player questionnaire now!